Enjoy the perfect Spray Tan that lasts 7 days and makes you stand out for the right reasons. A spray tan is probably your most important beauty treatment, making you look and feel fantastic, whatever the weather, whatever you wear. So it makes sense to choose the leading spray tan solution.

Sienna-X is the leading Spray Tan solution for the stars and celebrities of today, including the stars and dancers on Strictly. Sienna X gives you a natural sun kissed look, regardless of your complexion, that will simply look stunning for any occasion.

So Why Choose A Sienna X Spray Tan From Crown Beauty...

• 20 minutes to complete - for the perfect tan that lasts 7 days
• Healthy, natural & all over even
• Perfect fo all skin types & complexions
• Perfect for Your Wedding Day (trial spray tan and wedding day tan package (£35.00)
• 100% safe & odourless
• Look stunning for any occasion (Wedding, Birthdays, Night Out, and Proms)
• Perfomed by a trained & certified Sienna X therapist
• Spray Tan parties available - free tan for host
• Use the same Tanning solution used by the starts and dancers on Strictly Come Dancing.